For over a decade, the World Economic Forum engaged leaders in travel and tourism to carry out an analysis of the travel and tourism (T&T) competitiveness.

Published every two years, the report presents the travel and tourism competitiveness of 140 countries and measures the factors that enable the sustainable development of both travel and tourism, in turn contributing to the development of a country. On 4 September, the World Economic Forum published its 2019 report.

This year, Luxembourg was ranked 23rd out of 140 countries in terms of competitiveness of tourism and travel - moving up five spaces since the last report, which was released in 2017. Spain is first in this ranking of the best countries to visit, followed by France, Germany, Japan, the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, Italy, Canada and Switzerland.

In the sub-categories, Luxembourg ranked highly in 'Enabling Environment' (5), Travel & Tourism Policy and Enabling Conditions' (3), 'Business Environment' (5), 'Safety and Security' (8) and 'Environmental Sustainability' (4). However, Luxembourg did fall short in a number of categories, notably in 'Natural and Cultural Resources' (77), 'Air Transport Infrastructure' (43), 'Price Competitiveness' (98), 'Natural Resources' (75) and 'Cultural Resources and Business Travel' (77).

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