A British grandmother headed to the store to buy new tea bags but ended up buying a big pack of condoms. She shared the entertaining gaffe on Facebook.

76-year-old Rosemarie Riley was in for quite the surprise when she headed to her local Asda to buy some essentials. She reportedly forgot to take her glasses and ended up buying a big pack of condoms instead of tea bags.

Her husband brought the entertaining mistake to her attention. Rosemarie explained: ''I was mortified. My husband was more upset because I'd spent £17 on them. I just threw everything on to the conveyor belt and shoved them in a bag. I didn't think."

''I suppose the lady should have said 'have you made a mistake?' She must have thought I was a bit raunchy.

''My husband normally does all the shopping but he's not very well. I don't care, I just grab whatever's there, I'm a terrible shopper.''

Rosemarie later asked her granddaughter to return the pleasure pack, which left the 29-year-old "howling" with laughter.