The event will take place in the National Library of Luxembourg on Thursday evening.

The annual book awards have been organised by the National Library in cooperation with RTL and representatives from Luxembourg's Publishing Houses.

Although there will not be a price in the "Nonfiction" category this year, the remaining categories of "Literature", "Children and Youth", as well as the "Audience Award" will all be given out on Thursday evening.

Below you can find the shortlist of all books nominated for an award.


Samuel Hamen & Marc Angel, éditions Guy Binsfeld

This collaboration unites 6 short stories about growing up in the Grand Duchy back in the 90s and early 2000s. While Hamen composed plot and text of this book, Angel illustrates the stories in comic form.

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Fox-trails, -tales & -trots
Pierre Joris, Black Fountain Press

Fox-trails, -tales & -trots takes us to Luxembourg and New York on the trail of Renert and other foxes. Mirroring healing and writing, hunting and translating, Pierre Joris explores the meanings of identity, migration, language and literary creation in this assemblage of essayistic and poetic texts.

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  Die Mutationen
Francis Kirps, Hydre Editions

In the title story "The Mutation", the fly Leon Sumsa wakes up one morning and finds himself transformed into a human being.

The book itself unites 7 stories and 1 poem about transformations, all inspired by timeless classics.

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Enfance, instantanés – à l’aube de la mémoire
Carla Lucarelli, Editions Phi

A book that finds itself concerned with the preservation of memories and all things that cannot be saved through recording.

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  La Quête
Antoine Pohu, Op der Lay

In his first novel, Antoine Pohu tells two tales, one about self-discovery as an author, the other about self-actualisation as a novelist.

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"Children and Youth"

Wichapi - Etoile parmi les étoiles
Marie-Isabelle Callier, Editions Schortgen

A little Sioux girl and a bear bound by an unlikely friendship. This book has been fully composed by Marie-Isabelle Callier, who took over story and illustrations.

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Rout, gréng, giel... Paprika
Dolores Focaccetti, Editions Friederich-Schmit

Emma does not like to eat, a fact that is changed after the girl learns to appreciate food through colours.

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Mooka n° 1, E Mook fir Kanner, Eng Stad: Esch/Uelzecht, en Thema: Nuecht
Collectif, Zoom Editions

A mixture of magazine and book, this "Mook" includes information on Esch-sur-Alzette, the night, as well as comics and fun activities.

Audio: Reportage lauschteren Baba Bégaie
Beatrice Ruffie Lacas & Baptiste Boulanger, Kiwi ELG

This story is about a 10-year-old boy who is a talented student but struggles with stuttering. Although bullied for his condition, Baba quickly fins out he is not the only one facing this issue.

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De Wëlle leeft am Bësch
Diane Orban & Myriam Karels, Editions Schortgen

In this story, two young agitators called Jim and Charel are struggling with boredom. A state that is quickly changed when the boys find two pairs of glasses in an attic, which will alter the way they see the world: a story about Luxembourgish puns and idioms.

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