The new National Library of Luxembourg site will officially be inaugurated on Monday afternoon after what has been an extensive and complicated operation organising the move of all of the library's documents.

The library includes a new readers' room with 200,000 books freely accessible to library-goers, conference rooms, and a 24,000 square metre atrium. All in all, the new National Library of Luxembourg (BnL) site will hold an impressive 1.8 million items, including books, maps, newspapers, post cards, music scores, CDs, and more. The moving operation from the library's former site next to the cathedral was a massive logistical challenge, as the total of the library's items came to 40,000 metres.

The Chamber of Deputies' library has also moved to the new Kirchberg site. Last year, the National Library had around 80,000 visitors, who borrowwed 84,000 books and documents. 22,000 individuals have library membership.

The official inauguration of the new library will take place on Monday, 30 September. The Grand Ducal couple have had to cancel their attendance as they are attending former French president Jacques Chirac's funeral in Paris. However, the inauguration will have a guest of honour, namely Roly Keating, director of the British Library.

The National Library will open to the public from Tuesday 2 pm onwards. The library will be closed every Monday, but will be open on Saturdays between 10 am and 6 pm.

The BnL will also host its Open Day for its new building next weekend.