To maintain your standard of living in retirement, it's crucial to take precautionary measures starting today!

With increasing life expectancy, on average, the benefits we receive during our retirement are twice as high as what we contributed during our active years. This is why concerns have arisen in recent years about the Luxembourgish government's ability to maintain the current legal retirement benefits over the long term. It is therefore essential to plan your retirement carefully. Discover the key points to consider in order to prepare for your retirement effectively.

Take advantage of immediate tax benefits

Did you know that the current tax law offers numerous tax advantages? Each year, the premiums of your pension plan can reduce your taxable income. You can deduct them as special expenses:

  • Up to €3,200 per year in premiums paid under a personal pension plan

  • Up to €1,200 per year in personal contributions invested in a supplementary pension scheme established by your employer. Check with your company to see if they offer such a pension plan. It's a valuable fringe benefit offered by your employer to support your retirement savings.

Throughout the life of your contract, you can benefit from significant tax savings every year by deducting the amount of premiums paid. This allows you to enjoy yourself today, perhaps by treating yourself to a nice meal or a family trip, while preparing for your future retirement!

Start your retirement planning early

It's obvious: the earlier you prepare for retirement, the higher the amount of savings you'll have accumulated. It's better to start preparing in time because the legal pension alone may not be sufficient on the day of your retirement. Without caution, your income will significantly decrease.

What to choose?

Now that you're convinced, here are the different options available to you. As an individual, with easyLIFE Pension from LALUX, you have a choice between two different formulas:

  • The Performance formula, for potentially higher returns: The Performance formula allows you to benefit from an "old-age insurance" contract linked to investment funds. Your retirement capital evolves with the performance of the chosen funds.

  • The Security formula, for guaranteed savings: You opt for a classic "old-age insurance" contract with a guaranteed return and potential profit sharing.

Are you self-employed or in a liberal profession?

  • lalux-Safe Future is a product specifically designed to take advantage of the new tax benefits available to self-employed individuals and liberal professionals. It offers modifiable guarantees based on individual needs. Save for your retirement and plan for the future of your loved ones.


Calculate your pension tax benefit now using the LALUX simulator. In just a few clicks, this simulator allows you to estimate your tax benefit with easyLIFE Pension.