Whether it's a renovation, transformation, or a new construction project, the success of such an endeavour largely depends on thorough preparation. For this reason, it is useful for both businesses and individuals to protect their construction site against potential material damages by subscribing to construction insurance from a reliable partner.

Right from the beginning of the project, damages can occur to the construction itself as well as to third parties, such as neighbouring buildings, cars parked in front of the site, or even pedestrians. So, what types of insurance are recommended for a real estate project?

The essential coverage during construction

Damage that occurs during construction can have various causes, including human factors but also the forces of nature.

All-risks construction insurance, typically taken out at the start of the project, covers all material damages that occur during construction. This coverage extends to the building itself, construction materials, equipment, existing assets, site workers, and third parties. Swift handling of material damages helps avoid temporary halts in construction.

Common incidents covered by APROBAT include damages caused by weather-related events like storms, hailstorms, and fires. Damage to windows, cracks jeopardising structural stability, harm to third parties, and material damages resulting from calculation errors are also common and covered by this insurance.

Peace of mind after project completion

Ten-year Civil Liability insurance, on the other hand, starts upon completion of the project. It safeguards against material damages to the building once the work has been completed. To take out this insurance, a technical inspection of the construction site by an inspection office during the construction phase is mandatory. APROBAT's engineers carry out these required technical inspections themselves, reducing costs and simplifying procedures. Thanks to inspections throughout the project to ensure the construction is done according to industry standards, the quality of the work can be guaranteed.

The insurance contract covers a period of two years (for finishing) and ten years (for shell work). With Ten-year Civil Liability Insurance, you have the assurance of being compensated for damages, even in the event of the contractor's bankruptcy. The insurance is linked to the insured structure, not to the company itself.

Common incidents covered by Ten-year Civil Liability Insurance include issues related to waterproofing, cracks in the facade, tile detachment, and water damage.

Who to turn to for construction insurance?

APROBAT LALUX Assurances specialises in the field of construction. Comprising a team of specialists, it provides optimal and personalised advice to all parties involved in a construction project and offers a comprehensive solution.

Good to know

It is crucial to subscribe to construction insurance before commencing the work.

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