Making something good out of a bad situation requires creativity, mental power and perseverance.

Or, being slightly overweight, forever frustrated about that and having a deranged way of thinking. It is this latter way of thinking that made me regard the energy crisis/high gas prices as an opportunity instead of a problem. First of all, thermogenesis. An important word for anyone who wants to lose a bit of fat. Thermogenesis is the production of heat that occurs in all warm-blooded animals. What it basically means is that certain fat cells, known as brown fat cells, release stored energy in the form of heat, to burn calories through certain foods and through…cold. Simply put, being cold makes you burn fat.

Obviously, with global temperatures rising, this is bad news (apart from the bad news of global warming itself…). But we are not living in a state of permanent tropics just yet. So, from my deranged point of view, this is excellent news.

This winter I shall not put on any heating at all, fight the urge to dress up warmly and go through winter shivering with cold (and push it slightly towards hypothermia) thus burning that brown fat right down to the ground. Comfortable? No, probably not.

But let’s face it: any way to lose fat is uncomfortable. Going on a diet sucks, because it somehow always focuses your mind on everything you can’t have. Doing sports can be a lot of fun, but it requires a lot of patience to lose fat through sports alone. Patience and lots of sports can also be rather uncomfortable. So, just being cold might in fact be the best possible way to shed those extra pounds.

However, if losing fat is not on your wish list - lucky you – and you are not looking forward to a winter of rattling teeth and quivering limbs, there is the option of shopping. And not just any shopping, but shopping for lovely, warm and, fuzzy wool.

Why not stock up on some warm woolen sweaters, cardigans and beanies. Or how about a throwback to the ‘80s with leg warmers? To refrain from actually becoming hypothermic, I will need to warm up from time to time. And I can totally see myself nestled on the sofa with a good book, a few candles around me and covered in wool. Just writing about it gives me a Christmassy feeling.

And before you whine about how buying wool is more expensive than heating (which I don’t think is the case, one or two sweaters will do the trick) you can also order wool army undergarments and they cost no more than a couple of beers.

And to really get the winter spirit going and save on your heating you could organize an Apres-ski in your freezing home. Just heat up some cheap wine with slices of orange and cloves, put ‘Ich bin der Anton aus Tirol’ on repeat and dance around in your thermo clothes. You’ll instantly have a true Apres-ski (which, to me is the highlight of skiing anyway), without having to pay ludicrous amounts of money just to risk broken bones or a spinal cord injury.

So all in all, I am quite optimistic for this winter. I’ll switch between burning off fat, and a once a week heat up under a pile of thermo clothes, either on the sofa or by dancing to my favorite Tiroler tunes.

Bring it on.