Living healthy is a goal for many, but sometimes it seems that people can take things over the top. Charlotte de Vreeze-Nauta has found her limit.

I know quite a few people that are into alternative methods of healing. You know, regression therapy, singing bowls therapy, healing sessions and whatnot. Fine, I guess. I am interested in combining regular medicine with alternative therapies myself. I believe that there is a connection between a calm soul and a healthy body. So, if you find a more 'spiritual' way to soothe your nerves and improve your health, why not?

But there are limits to what I am willing to try for optimal health and this morning I came across such a limit.

A friend called and told me that he and his wife are into something new. They feel great, they have never felt healthier and all because they drink… their own urine.

F*ck, what? Yes, they drink what the body considers to be waste fluids.

That's a limit for me, right there!

However, if you claim to be open-minded, you shouldn't have an opinion without the least bit of background information, right? So, I looked it up. And I mostly found articles explaining why you should NOT drink your own urine.

Global censorship

My friend warned me about that, saying that it’s a big cover-up. According to him, research with proof about the benefits of swallowing your wee, has been taken offline in order to 'keep the doctrine about regular medication alive’'

Yeah, I needed a minute to process that too.

What my friend means is that there is a censorship taking place on the World Wide Web. Testimonials about the good of drinking our pee undermine and threaten the medical world. Why? Because the advantages of drinking one’s own urine are such that people wouldn’t need doctors anymore. One golden goo-drinker had completely clean lungs, despite having smoked cigarettes his whole life. The doctor didn't quite understand it. How was that possible?

So, 'to save the jobs of doctors, the medical profession as a whole and, as a derivative, the pharmaceutical industry, positive results about drinking our discharge are censored'.

Are you kidding me? Rejecting scientifically researched facts and simple logic to only believe what you want to believe? Claiming the 'real data' about drinking urine is undisclosed?

I am not even sure what I find more unsettling, the drinking of the wee or the claiming of the worldwide cover up?

Even if some of these experiences seem true and those testimonials are from people that saw their health improve after sipping on their own sap, there might be other reasons for that, right?

For instance, my friend mentioned how someone with bad acne began drinking their pee and the acne slowly disappeared. Should we say hallelujah to jugging one’s own juice? Hell no. It’s only logical. The fattier the skin, the more acne one has. From what I gather, urine is full of salt. So, drinking it, means dehydrating oneself. A dryer skin, would then, logically, result in less acne. Great for the short term, not so beneficial in the long run.

Faeces fetish

By the way, unlike sloshing your own sauce, 'eating' poop can be very beneficial to your health. Do not take this too literally though and please do not start a faeces fetish. It comes in the form of a pill.

You might be aware that a big part of our health is regulated in our intestines. Up to 500 different microbial species in the gut make sure our bodies are healthy by extracting the necessary vitamins, minerals and whatnot from our food.

If we do not eat well, the good bacteria starve and the bad bacteria become stronger. I may phrase it rather simplistically, but that’s what it boils down to. In case our good bacteria are on the low side, taking poop pills, that have been made from the stool of people with good intestinal health, will help the good gut bacteria to grow. Of course, a healthy diet adds brownie points to good gut health as well.

Bottoms up

Where good can be found in the swallowing of a poop pill, downing one’s own distillation doesn't seem to be supported by scientific evidence. But should you have solid (no pun intended) proof to the contrary, please let me know. I will still think it's utterly disgusting and deranged but will appreciate the education. So, for me no pee, but rather coffee, tea and an occasional GT. Bottoms up!