The celebration of the Goddess Durga was recently concluded with five days full of tradition, devotion, fun and food.

From 11 to 15 October, each day was a celebration of the different avatars of the Goddess Durga. With an elaborate prayer and cultural schedule, the LuxUtsav members and visitors participated with an unmatched enthusiasm.

French, Luxembourgish, German, and various other nationalities were represented by the visitors, who came to the Puja with open hearts to learn and absorb the beautiful display of Indian culture. This year, the venue saw nearly 150 visitors per day across 10 timebound slots.

Being a CovidCheck event, strict protocols were observed at the venue to ensure safety of all. And for the second year running, all the cultural events were digital. The LuxUtsav members expressed their love for their community and produced entertainment through songs, dances, recitals and skits, which are available on the Facebook page, website and YouTube channel.

There were more than 30 volunteers who carried out Covid checks, Puja operations, health and hygiene, food arrangements and so on to ensure a successful celebration this year.


LuxUtsav priest offering prayers on behalf of the attendees to Goddess Durga. / © LuxUtsav

The past two years have been tough on everyone, especially for many who have been away from their families for a long time. Through this celebration, the LuxUtsav family aimed to bring a sense of connection to our roots and to our community. It felt like a family hug and we cannot wait to present another edition next year with even more enthusiasm and love.

LuxUtsav aka ASBL Luxembourg Durgotsav Association is a group of Indian and Bengali culture enthusiasts. It organizes events around the year to spread love and propagate Indian culture and values through multiple channels.

Sonal Bhadoria is a member of LuxUtsav's Communication Committee.