Chicken had been on this side of the road for ages.

There wasn't anything you could describe as a pavement (sidewalk) on the other side.

Just a cycle lane and shopfronts.

Heaps of 'special offers' and 'must have purchases'.

That side of the road is littered with people and literally littered with litter.

Folk stumble from place to place.

Door to door.

They spit out gum. Thy will be done!

Tossing off fag ends.

Dumping of fancy water bottles, flipping them near bins. Not in them.

Hedgerows are sponsored by Fast Food Companies and Energy Drinks.

The roads are coated in smog. Heavy and thick. Engines rumble and roar. Heads are facing down and glowing blue.

Blinking slowly and following the digital breadcrumbs to their 'best selves' the gimlet-eyed masses ignore other's real existence.

Lives lived through likes and selfies. Lives lived in through lies and massaging the facts. Everyone is SUPER PROUD of EVERYTHING. Yet feeds are full of vitriol and bile.

Chicken knows what they will say if Chicken crosses the road. There have been hundreds of books written about such a thing.

Chicken's side of the road was quiet. Peaceful.



Certainly no neon light. Definitely free of sirens and screaming.

Chicken could leave his door unlocked and even Mr. Fox would stay away.

It was different there.

No jam nights. No poetic slams. You could not eat for 'Under a tenner'.

But you could walk at night without fear of being attacked. That is, unless Badger had a sore head...which was more often of late, being that Badger was crossing the road with an increasing regularity.

Chicken's side of the road was getting busier too. And more expensive.

The population pushed out by rising costs and increasing numbers.

The weather was better over there, though, wasn't it...

Of course it was.

Ain't it always?

So Chicken bobbed his head.... 'Cluck this!' he said.

And he veered left.

Those new sneakers did indeed look mighty fine.