Two of our readers got together to give us a lovely gift, which came just in time for our third birthday.

On Friday, as we celebrated RTL Today's third birthday, we cheekily joked that we'd have to give you gifts to mark the occasion (which we did), as no one was likely to give us any.

Well, I'm surprised and delighted to say that we were wrong - two of our readers actually did club together to get us a lovely bag of gifts!

It goes without saying that our audience means a lot to us - we quite literally wouldn't be able to do this, have our jobs, if it wasn't for all of you reading, commenting, sending questions and suggestions, playing our silly games.. But beyond that, we honestly couldn't be happier with how our relationship to all of you has developed over these past three years.

From the start, we've tried to take a personal approach to how we communicate with our readers whenever we can - we like to try to brighten your days with a silly weather post in the morning, nonsensical ticker commentary while we wait for politicians to arrive at our live-streamed press briefings, and through little events like our 'Christmas Spectacular', to name a few.

In short, we've tried to put our personalities out there with the hopes that you could all get to know us a bit, and that in turn we might get to know you. With the internet being what it is, there was never any guarantee that this approach would work, but it certainly has!

We truly love our interactions with readers, and believe me when I say that it makes our day when we hear that you guys like the community we have going on here as well.

This is all a rather long-winded way of saying THANK YOU to L and B (not sure if they want their names out there, but you know who you are) for the FANTASTIC gifts, and thank you to ALL of you for being the best darned audience we could've ever asked for.