Rain had been in a taxi on the way home when the email had come through.

Rain had had a pretty rubbish day at the office, to be fair. And, if Rain were to be completely honest and call a spade a shovel, the previous months had been a little underwhelming too.

Still, Rain was surprised to open the 'very important and strictly confidential' message from The Case Manager.

Even reading the words The Case Manager had brought poor Rain out in the sweats.

Rain thumbed the text quickly. He always did this. Skimmed the important details. Got a feel for the tone from an emotional perspective and then reread the mail in full right after.

Sometimes Rain had gotten himself in trouble by replying far too fast and far too heated and had made efforts to take a moment.

'Not a team player', 'elevated self importance', 'does not follow standard operating quotas', 'unnecessary overtime', 'hogging the limelight (pun not intended)'.

These were the phrases that jumped from the screen as Rain's cracked and scratched smart phone illuminated the taxi's back seat. Bathing it in a strange grey blue glow.

Rain read on. It seemed that Cloud had lodged a complaint about Sun and had referenced Rain within the report. Rain was not happy about being brought into this. Not one jot.

Sure, Rain had been sidelined in recent weeks. Yes, Rain was still considered by most people to be a nuisance but still, Rain did not want stitches. Those were for snitches.

For Cloud to go after Sun, like it appeared, seemed a little off map. For example, Sun and Rain had been taking walks together and had been seen enjoying their lunch in the canteen. To anyone casually observing, or even compulsively stalking, Sun and Cloud seemed buxom buddies, consummate professionals even.

There had been the argument over one of them having cooked fish in the office microwave, and there was that one time where Cloud accused Sun of stealing a bank holiday shift, but generally, they were all thick as thieves.

If anyone had real cause for complaint, it was Rain. Left out by the both of them. Rain was the third wheel on a broken tricycle.

Nevertheless, Rain had soldiered on. Had listened to the daily pep-talks. Had taken in the data about average rainfall and record days of sunshine. Not once had Rain complained.

This evening, after a couple of cocktails and a number of failed Tinder swipes, Rain was in a less forgiving mood.

Rain brought up Sun's number from the contact list and hit 'call'. Two rings sounded and then an automated message played, the first few bars of Bob Marley's 'Everything's Going to be Alright' boomed through the speaker, then Sun's voice cut through..."Hey, you heard the music, so you know I am not available and you know what the beep means, staaaaayyyyyy SUNNY!", then the beep beeped and Rain hung up.

Rain had wanted to warn Sun about The Case Manager and Cloud's intentions but that ruddy message! That flipping arrogance and uncaring attitude...

Rain was going to get a terrible night's sleep but sleep on it he would. Then tomorrow, what ‘was’ would be what would be.

Rain noticed that the taxi traffic had gone straight on rather than taken the right as he should have done and sighed long and hard on yet another of life's little mysteries.

The city whizzed by in refracted and reflected light stands of light. Tonight, things looked very different indeed.

The fun is officially over: