May we interest you in this summer's MUST DO tourism feature?

Forget the vouchers, forget the regular haunts and the hot chocolate with the marshmallows next to the palace*... what you really need to do is get on the Magical Meteo Tour.

Join Jens and Ulrike on a once in a lifetime trip round the Grand Duchy's hottest spots (these are actually on the tour, and there's three of them; one is next to a vent by the Coque's canteen, another is in a glass fronted vestibule in a well-known international corporation reception area, the third is The Tube bar during Summer).

Take in the magical sights, sounds and smells of Luxembourg's most unique and diverse weather conditions.

Be sure catch the spot in Mersch where once it was sunny for just enough time to dry a set of clothes.

Head to Sanem where it is rumoured a hailstone the size of a tennis ball fell from the sky. Bask in the wonder of this icy miracle by taking a look inside a home freezer and seeing it with your very eyes.

Stand on the border of France and marvel as the clouds that cover the Grand Duchy are not present just three metres away.

Head to the south of the country and speak to residents who claim that there are only two seasons: Winter and Autumn.

Join us we travel North and speak to natives who pray to to the weather gods on a daily basis and take part in their rituals (additional surcharge may be added).

Stand agog as we head to Wasserbilig to witness the migratory journey of the indigenous wildlife and international interlopers as they search for fresh fuel, tobacco and caffeine.

The tour will take you via Meteoloux's offices - or, what we think is their offices...all offices look them same don't they?

Take a selfie by the framed certificate of the one time the office correctly predicted the weather in March, 1962.

There may even by a guest appearance from one of RTL Today's weather team - depending on whether they have been let away from their desks.

Tours begin at 8.45am weekdays and 9am weekends. The tours last up to five hours, depending on the traffic and roadworks, so best plan for at least 13 hours.

Please bring suitable attire for all weather conditions, given that situations can change with a moment's notice.

Prices are 9 Euro for adults, 6 for under 12s and OAPS. Group bookings can be made by arrangement only.

A lovely 13 hours of sunshine today.