It is oft said that inspiration can come from anywhere...and today it is just so.

An unfortunate (or, rather fortunate) spelling error (now fixed) has caused the next few hundred keystrokes.... Tick Clouds.

Is there a more worrying perversion of a weather front than that? Sure, there have been Sharknadoes and probably many other such preposterous ideas but there's also been Murder Wasps, near Biblical Locust swarms, the Eichenprozessionsspinners are growing in confidence..., so yeah, hear me out...a Tick Cloud would be absolutely horrible. And, with the way 2020 is going, could also be a very real thing come September.

Yes, yes, the weather is bad enough without having to worry about bitey thing falling from the sky,'s shite today, absolutely rotten weather.

October weather in July. Marvelous.

But back to blood sucking parasites please (and we mean nature not business terms), it's bad enough locating the teensy stowaways on you at the best of times, let alone a Tick Cloud descending on you from up on high.

Imagine, if you will being on your merry way, perhaps a back ride through the more sedate ranges of the Duchy, maybe you have even seen Mike McQuaide on your travels and said 'hi'. Maybe you've discovered the gnawed-on stump of a fellow rambler, all bloody and chewed and int eh nearby bushes comes a rumbling and rustling, not from a peeping tom but from a dozen or so beachball-sized ticks all hopped up on sugary blood.

Imagine then hearing a low drone and turning to see the skies darken slightly as what appears to be a cloud rolling across the landscapes. What could it be? The cloud draws nearer until you can see millions of mandibles and those shiny grey-backed beasties are charging to feast on your very person.

{Voice over man}:

Where can you go? What can you do?

You can't outrun A TICK CLOUD!

Either that, or I should stop watching scary films before bed.