RTL has redefined the guidelines and quality criteria in order to deal with the ever-growing number of diverse comments left on the RTL website.

Freedom of speech is important to us here at RTL, and as well as giving our audience options to watch, read, and listen to our content, there is also the option to leave comments. The comment section should primarily be a place to open up constructive, respectful and critical discussions. To this end, the new rating system will help to give comments value.

In 2008, RTL.lu created the comment function to offer readers the opportunity to react to articles. From the start, this platform for discussion has been a success. In 2019, 95,002 comments were posted – an average of 260 per day. In total around a million comments have been published since the function was launched. RTL would like to thank everyone for these contributions.

Unfortunately, in recent months we have noticed an increase in comments which do not serve to further a constructive exchange of opinion. These vary from personal attacks and insults to racist statements, none of which are acceptable on RTL’s sites. For this reason, RTL has taken measures to improve the reader experience and ensure all debates are congenial.

Moderating individual comments is both a costly and time-consuming exercise for the members of the team. In 2019, 24.5% of comments were rejected for diverse reasons, including incitement of hate, obscenities, insults and more. The publication of a comment is dependent on whether it complies with guidelines.

RTL is not the only media entity to encounter such issues. Both national and international media outlets have revised their comment functions in recent years, with some going so far as to close comment sections completely. Others have reinforced their guidelines. We at RTL have opted for the latter, and have based our new charter on those used by major publications, such as Le Monde. We wish to maintain the option for our readers to express their thoughts as part of a healthy and multifaceted discussion.

What are the criteria for leaving comments, and what can cause a comment to be rejected? Why is it not possible to comment on every article? The answers to these questions and more can be found in our FAQ CLICK HERE