Laughter is the best medicine. Or so it is said. Granted, it can’t cure you from a deadly virus, but it can make life easier in a world completely changed by a pandemic. Nobody knows where all of this is going to end. So, we might as well laugh.

Sex Education – Netflix

Otis Milburn, is a teenager, ambivalent about sex, with a mother who is a sex therapist and very open about it. Which to Otis, like it would to any teenager, is deeply embarrassing.

Yet, when he discovers how little any of his school mates really know about their own sexuality, he starts a sex clinic with Maeve, the bad girl of the school. Otis falls in love with Maeve, who, although apparently much more self-confident than him, has problems of her own, living in a trailer by herself because her mother has disappeared.

In other stories we follow Otis’s best friend, Eric, who although openly gay hasn’t really come out to his family and Jean, Otis’s mother, as she tries to fight against the feelings she starts having for her plumber.

The show is a mixture of teenage angst and humor, showing a generation that has grown up with the internet, smart phones and social media where sex is always readily available, yet leaves them just as clueless about human connection and love as older generations were.

Sex Education is available on Netflix.