Santa Clarita Diet – Netflix

Sheila and Joel Hammond are real estate agents in Santa Clarita, when Sheila undergoes a strange metamorphosis. After a – really bad – stomach flu, she can’t hear her own heartbeat anymore. Yet, she feels great, better than ever in fact. Which is why she refuses to go to the doctor.

When Joel insists that they need to find out what the matter is with her, the neighbor’s son, Eric, who has a crush on their daughter Abby, tells them that Sheila has become a zombie. Despite being undead, Sheila has never felt so alive, starting to act on her impulses where before she was a “goody-two-shoes”.

After a night out with friends, a colleague follows her home and sexually harasses her. Getting mad – and hungry - she eats him, starting a complete change of lifestyle for her and her family, as the expression “getting food on the table” gets an altogether different meaning.

“Santa Clarita Diet” is broad comedy with zombies. Less a horror-show and more a vehicle for slapstick, it could be a parody on the suburban lifestyle but lacks the subtlety for that. A more accurate description would be a zombie-show for the whole family with a lot of blood and gore. The only thing sure is that the zombie-apocalypse won’t start in the American suburban middle-class.

“Santa Clarita Diet” is available on Netflix, there are three seasons.