Do you have an opinion to share, a community to spotlight, or something to get off your chest? Our Your Voice section is open for submissions.

Whether you're a budding journalist or opinion columnist, or simply have an opinion you would like to share with a broader audience, Your Voice is where we invite our readers to become the author.

From the start, RTL Today has strived to be not only the natural choice for local and international news in English, but a real part of the expat community. Most of us on the team are expats as well, so we understand the need for a space where the expat voice can be heard. Through Your Voice, we invite our readers to submit articles* to share with the largest audience of English-speaking expats in Luxembourg.

The section is open to a range of submissions, from opinions, to anecdotes of life in the Grand Duchy, to introductions to communities and associations you think deserve a moment in the spotlight. We are also open to more artistic submissions, whatever form they may take.

The best way to get your submission to us is via e-mail ( or via Facebook page, and one of our editors will take a look.

Needless to say, we will not accept racist, sexist, violent articles and would remind you to use good common sense on what is an what is not suitable.

RTL Today will only publish that which is deemed appropriate and will retain editorial control.

So, what are you waiting for? Dust off that keyboard and get typing!