Our "Your Voice" section has been available for a while now and we think the time is ripe for YOU to get your money's worth...

We have had plenty of reader participation thus far but believe there can be even more.

Be a part of our growing community.

In this current climate we are, more than ever, in need of feeling that we a part of something.

Let's share ideas, thoughts, dreams, observations, good vibes, drawings of kittens and unicorns, dinosaurs and jet packs. Memes, GiFs and JPEGs if you wish (safe ones, please).

We are looking for sketches, funny clips, galleries, short stories, poems, songs, recipes, ideas and fresh ways of thinking to post in our YOUR VOICE section.

Be they works in progress you want to test out, or a more serious issue you want to get off your chest, send your contributions to audience@rtltoday.lu, our contact form, or through our Facebook page and one of our editors will get back to you to discuss how to go about posting it online.

Needless to say, we will not accept racist, sexist, violent articles and would remind you to use good common sense on what is an what is not suitable.

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