RTL Today reader Elizabeth Doris got in touch from her holiday in Venice, which has been subject to severe flooding.

It is certainly different today than the summer crowds, ice cream shops and Vivaldi in San Marco Square. It is the worst flood for 50 or more years and the local commerces are devastated by substantial damage.

The restaurants have mostly basement kitchens so hot food and drink is hard to find. Tourists are queuing for coffee and a slice of pizza wherever a small cafe opens, there are not many!

No shopping for the bewildered Asian tourists, the shopkeepers are too frazzled to allow any would be customer darken their door. The locals shop owners are tired, they have been up all night and will be again tonight as even higher tide is forecast. Helicopters circle, rubbish floats around, and the water in never ending.

Possibly the Mayer is going to invoke state of emergency. Two people have died. I might try to leave tonight, although not all boats are running.

Further videos

A flooded hotel lobby.

A wet walk through town.

Wet feet, anyone?