In this country, apparently one is meant to book paediatrician appointments for children up to a certain age. This is not the case in the UK. So, on passing the Bohler clinic in Spring this year, I duly remembered, three years after my daughters first check-up there.

I’m not a bad mum - I’m busy - and I think they’re mostly fine.

I got an appointment for autumn. Last week as it turns out.

Meanwhile, summer happened. Our car was robbed on holiday and my diary (amongst a lot more) was stolen. This diary was my sacred source of all things to do, for myself and the girls.

No diary? Well that’s that. My head is not good enough to recall things planned months in advance, particularly if it’s not been given the directive to do so at point of information-giving.

You might suggest I used an electronic diary. Well, I’m doing that increasingly, for obvious reasons, but I just love the art of writing, even if it has to be crossed out multiple times due to inevitable changes. I love the way one can see what’s going on, on the page.

Then last week I received a bill in the post for €100 for two missed appointments. I called the receptionist explaining that I couldn’t recall the date for the appointments due to the missing diary. I explained that I didn’t even remember I’d made the appointments given the three year separation between appointments and the fact that I can’t even recall the doctor’s name.

I suggested a reminder service might be a good idea.


I suggested that an email address might be a good idea.


I suggested that they didn’t need to post two invoices as an environmental and cost saving


May I suggest to you, dear RTL Today readers, if ever you book an appointment, ask the desk if they have a reminder service, just in case your method of recall goes missing in one way or another.

If not, save yourself the potential loss of money by finding that service elsewhere and enjoy a good meal out instead. Well, whatever €100 can go towards in your favourite restaurant here in Luxembourg.

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