We rely on weather forecasts to tell us what to wear as we head out for work in the morning. Getting that wrong is annoying enough, but it gets worse.

Let's start with the relatable part of this: it's terribly annoying when you head out in the morning dressed top to toe in exactly the wrong kind of clothes simply because the forecast promised one thing, and then another happened.

If it says it'll be cold but it turns out mild, you'll be sweating away under your thick autumn coat and knitted sweater; not a great look when you arrive to work damp, emitting the musky smell of bad sartorial decisions. If it says it'll be dry but ends up raining, you'll again arrive to work damp, but at least sans the musk. If it says it'll be warm, you may end up freezing your little toesies off in summer shoes. You get the idea.

But things are worse yet when you're also in charge of telling people what the forecast says, as was the case for yours truly this morning. With the confidence of a man armed with all of the information (bit of a double confidence whammy right there), I loudly proclaimed in this morning's weather update on our Facebook page that today would be dry. No rain, said I, sending people off to work wearing clothes not suited to fending off precipitation.

And yet, it has rained. At least in some places, as our readers have astutely informed me; even going so far as to provide photographic evidence of my misinformation (though I still think the trees in the background look suspiciously German). There is no denying that my mistake has sent hundreds, perhaps thousands of innocent workers off to their jobs in clothing wholly inappropriate to prevailing weather conditions. Because of me, how many jackets have been soaked through? How many perfectly coiffed heads have been reduced to soggy messes? How much make up has streamed down the cheeks of our fine nation?

It is with a heavy heart that I must admit my mistake*. I am sorry**.

*I blame Meteolux.
**Apology issued on behalf of aforementioned meteorological service, without their prior consent.

To be clear: this is all rather tongue in cheek. Woe be me.


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