Exec 1 - (grey attire - somewhat dismissive) So, people, we are here to discuss weather information delivery. We've split opinion forming and we have seen what fine lines do in the US and the UK. Some folk like funny tidbits. Others hate them.

Exec 2 - (floral, hair windswept, reddy colour clothes - upbeat) Some like the short stories.

Exec 3 - (gruff, short tempered - black clothes) interrupts: YEAH, and some just wanna know what the weather is like.

Exec 4 - (clad in white, cool as a cucumber) They, could, maybe, look outside. It's not too hard is it? See, think, make, do!

Exec 5 - (confused, may be in wrong meeting - regular suit and tie). Are we not supposed to be talking about tax reform?

Exec 1 - (agitated) That's point LY-77.2a for discussion on how to monetize weather in order to pay for the tram system and moon rock mining.

Exec 3 - (red in face) Why don't we just say it will be hot when it is HOT and cold when it is cold?

Exec 2 - Weather is infinitely more complex than two distinctions.

Exec 4 - (rolls eyes) Oh here we go again 'infinitesimal discrepancies in one formation can have myriad knock ons in another weather system bla bla zzzzzzz'

Exec 2 - (sulking) Well, it is like that.

Exec 1 - Can we get back to the topic please?

Exec 4 - Which, moon rocks or weather info? I can't wait for February when we know what's going to happen.

There's a commotion. An awful racket. "Sir, please wait, they are in a meeting. SIR!"

The boardroom doors fling open suddenly.

In through the door crashes Exec 6 (soaked to the bone, miserable, out of breath. In shorts and flip flops). It's raining! Why didn't you guys say something? I'm in completely the wrong clothes. Great! JUST GREAT.