Martine, the President of the 'Committee for a Just Peace in the Middle East', talks about upcoming events in Luxembourg, shining a light on the continual issues faced by people on all sides in that region.

The 'Committee for a Just Peace in the Middle East' (Comité pour une paix juste au Proche-Orient- CPJPO) is a non-governmental organisation of development (ONGD), supportive of the Palestinian people. 
Its action is based on human rights and international law. We participate in strengthening the Palestinian society through development projects, such as our psychosocial support program for children in Jenin refugee camp.

In Luxembourg, we create awareness of the challenges of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict by organising conferences, films, educational visits with witnesses, exhibitions, street events and much more.

Coming up, we have a play, a documentary (with protagonists present) and a fiction film, open to everyone.

Return to Palestine, a play by The Freedom Theatre (Jenin)

19th November 2018, 8pm, Lycée de Garçons, Place Auguste Laurent, Luxembourg.  Free admission. 

The play (40min) is in English and will be followed by an exchange with the artists over a drink. Organised by CPJPO and Lycée de Garçons de Luxembourg.

Jad, a Palestinian born in America, decides to go to Palestine for the first time. He wants to learn more about his people and identity, but discovers that reality is very different from what he has seen in the news.

Return to Palestine is directed by Micaela Miranda and made with an ensemble of graduates from 'The Freedom Theatre School'.

It was created after extensive story-gathering through playback theatre with the communities engaged in The Freedom Theatre’s annual Freedom Ride. The play includes stories from Jenin refugee camp and city, Fasayel, Dheisheh refugee camp, Mufaqara and Gaza.

In a sarcastic, comic and tragic style, the actors create the physical and emotional space they live in with their bodies on a very small stage – as small as Palestine.

CPJPO have known 'The Freedom Theatre' for a long time: it was created during the first Intifada in Jenin refugee camp by Anna Mer Khamis, a Jewish Israeli who had chosen to live among Palestinians.

Her son, the renowned Israeli actor Juliano Mer Khamis, reopened the theatre in 2006, before being murdered in 2011 by an enemy of culture and arts.
Juliano was in Luxembourg a few times, for his movie Arna’s children.

CPJPO also co-finances psychosocial support for children living in armed conflict in Jenin refugee camp, together with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, since 2011.

Within the Eye of the Storm, a documentary by Shelley Hermon (Israel)

21st November, 8.30pm, Cinémathèque, 17 place du Théâtre, Luxembourg. Original version with English subtitles.

The screening (58min) will be followed by an exchange with Bassam and Rami, plus a drink.

Bassam and Rami, a Palestinian and Israeli, were once dedicated fighters willing to kill and be killed by one another for the sake of their nations. Yet each one of them came face to face with the price of war when their daughters were killed in the conflict.

Left with the excruciating pain of bereavement, they chose to do the unexpected. They set out on a joint journey to humanize the very enemy, which took the dearest thing from them and prevent the vicious cycle of retaliation in themselves and their societies.

“If this film can reach a wide audience, it is sure that it will be a useful tool to spread empathy and humanise the other. Hermon accomplishes this goal beautifully in her film, tugging at pure human emotions that can over-ride prejudices. The film was screened at the Parliament in Oslo and included an online discussion afterwards in addition to the five screenings in Israel.” Gili Ostfield

  • Best Contemporary Issue Documentary, DocMiami International Film Festival 2012
  • Nominee Best Debut Film Award, Israel Documentary Awards 2012.
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Organised by CPJPO and Cinémathèque of Luxembourg.  

Junction 48, a film by Udi Aloni (Israel)

14th December, 7pm, Utopia, 16 Avenue de la Faïencerie, Luxembourg

20 free seats for unemployed people.
Original version with English subtitles.

In the small town of Lyd, 20 minutes from Tel Aviv, Kareem, a Palestinian rapper, leads an aimless life between odd jobs and hanging out with his buddies in a crime-ridden Arab ghetto.

He and his friend Manar have to struggle to love each other and express themselves through their music, be it in their crime-ridden ghetto or on the hip-hop scene in Tel Aviv.

Organised by CPJPO and Kinépolis