Do you have strong feelings about a recent news event or political development? Perhaps a personal experience to share as an expat? We are now opening our 'Opinion' section to outside contributors!

One of our main aims here at RTL Today is to provide expats living in Luxembourg with a place to easily and quickly digest local and international news. We appreciate that expats have a different view of the world and interests that may not always align with the local population, and as such, their/our news needs are necessarily different.

For that reason, we strive to customise the content we offer to ensure that it is relevant and interesting to Luxembourg's many expat residents - an aim which, for instance, led us to securing exclusives from the hilarious Wurst satirical news website.

We are constantly developing new and interesting content channels for our readers, and have recently launched a new 'Opinion' section on our website.

Our Opinion section is broad and welcoming to a wide range of content - from entertaining observations about life in the Duchy, to views on political developments or social issues. In essence, it's a space where contributors will be able to share their thoughts and experiences with our established and engaged audience.

How to contribute

Anyone and everyone is welcome to contribute to our opinions section - though submissions must be read and approved by our editors, so we cannot guarantee that your submission will be successful. If you wish to submit an opinion piece, simply send an e-mail to Please note that you do not have to send us a fully formed opinion piece, in fact it's a good idea to send us a broad outline of your idea before you write it. A couple of sentences will do.

What we will, and will not, publish

We are open to a broad range of content, with the main rule of thumb being that it has to be of interest to our highly international audience of expats living in Luxembourg. Subject that will have a high chance of being published includes:

  • Personal opinions on local/national social or political issues
  • Personal opinions on events in and around Luxembourg
  • Musings and opinions on expat life in Luxembourg

We will not publish slanderous pieces, nor articles that pertain to be anything but the personal opinion of the author.

Compensation and attribution

While we unfortunately cannot offer any financial compensation at this point, successful submissions will be fully attributed to the author(s).