With the summer holidays fast approaching and the weather getting warmer, many parents are looking to keep their kids entertained. Luckily Luxembourg is full of exciting outdoor playgrounds, suitable for children of all ages. Find out where you can find some of the best below:

Parc Merl

This used to be my favourite playground as a child, so I might be biased but I really think the playground in Parc Merl is pretty great. Located in the centre of the park, this playground has a separate section appropriate for toddlers, so parents don’t have to worry about older children knocking their toddler over on the swings. In the main bit children will find everything that their heart desires, from swings, to slides, and climbing frames. In summer there is usually a trampoline park close to the playground which can be used by children and adults. Because the playground is located in a park, this is the perfect opportunity to combine the time at the playground with a little walk. You can watch the ducks in the pond and get an ice cream from the café next to it. The playground also has several picnic benches if you choose to bring your own food. This park is the perfect place if you want to spend a day outside of the city but don’t actually want to leave.

The playground will be completely refurbished and improved in 2022.

The Pirate Ship in the Municipal Park

Another fun playground in the city is the pirate ship in the centre. The playground’s highlight is a massive wooden ship on which children can play. I remember the hype was pretty big when it opened and it is still a very popular playground. As it is pirate themed it also has a water playground, so you might want to bring a change of clothes in case your kids completely drench themselves. As it is located in the city centre there are good public transport links and ample parking spots, if you decide do drive yourself. Moreover, the day at the playground can easily be combined with running errands in the city or having lunch or dinner in one of the city's many restaurants after the playground fun.

Skatepark Pétrusse

Not a traditional playground as such, the skate park in the Pétrusse valley is the ideal place if your child is adventurous and enjoys riding a bike or scooter. With a surface area of 2,500 m2, the park offers enough space for experienced and new skaters. The area cannot only be used by typical skaters, you can also ride your bike or wear roller skates. It is usually relatively quiet in the mornings so you would be able to safely bring even little children. The park is perfect if you yourself like to skate and want to pass your hobby onto your child. Food trucks make a regular appearance, so you can buy refreshments and a small snack. Don’t forget to bring your helmet!


© Photo by Keo Oran on Unsplash

Parc Thermal

The playground at the back of this park in Mondorf is not as exceptional as the first two, but the walk there definitely is; the Parc Thermal is a beautiful and quiet park full of flowers. Close to the playground you’ll find a little café where you and your children can have a rest after having exhausted themselves on the playground. The paths in the park are quite broad so you can bring scooters and bikes to make your way to the playground at the top. Another advantage of this park and its playground is that it also has a minigolf course and a pedalo rental service. These activities aren’t free but can be a nice addition to a day at the playground.

Park Kolla

About 20 minutes away from the city centre you’ll find this amazing playground in Crauthem. The playground stretches out over a long area that promises to keep your children active. Like the pirate ship playground, it also has a splash park and water features, which are ideal for hot summer days. In addition, there is a smaller, closed off, playground for small children where they can enjoy themselves safely. The best part of this playground, in parents’ eyes at least, is that it has toilet stalls so you can stay as long as you want. There are many seating options available and trees provide shade. If you want to be active yourself there is a small fitness parkour attached to the playground. This playground doesn’t have a café so you might want to bring your own refreshments, although there is a bakery nearby. The playground tends to get very busy so make sure you arrive in good time.


Parc Merveilleux

Located in Bettembourg the Parc Merveilleux is more than a simple playground, it is literally a marvellous park packed with fun attractions for children. Apart from several giant playgrounds, the park also has a little zoo, a miniature train, a mini-golf course, and a fairy tale forest. The different playgrounds are targeted at different age groups, meaning that you can safely bring little ones while older children can still enjoy themselves on more challenging playgrounds. Unlike the previous playgrounds you have to pay to enter this park or, alternatively get a membership card. The price for an entire day is €10 for adults and €7 for children, toddlers and babies go free. you can pre-book tickets here: https://www.visitluxembourg.com/en/place/misc/parc-merveilleux-bettembourg

Park Le’h

Like the Parc Merveilleux, this is a paid attraction and also not your traditional playground. Park Le’h is a rope garden located in a forest in Dudelange, and ideal for families who are after an adventure. The park offers various courses adapted to different skill levels, and children as young as 2 can complete one. The highest course is 17m up in the air, but there is no need to worry you’ll always be protected by a lifeline. Unless you are afraid of heights, this park is something for children and parents alike. Prices range from €10 to €23 and vary according to age and the time spent in the park. For groups bigger than 8 people you can book here: https://aventure.lu/en/book. For smaller groups there is no need to book in advance.

These are only a few suggestions (and personal favourites), if you are looking for more playgrounds you can use this website: https://spillplaz.lu/en. The map on the websites shows you where you can find playgrounds in your area and provides you with additional information about the type of playground. Moreover, the website has an events page where you can find various activities that reach beyond a mere afternoon on the playground. In general, most parks in Luxembourg will have, at least, a small playground and they are usually also scattered across towns, these are just some of the more exciting ones.