This week’s knowledge bite is slightly different than usual: instead of presenting an interesting fact about our country I will suggest some fun things to do at home during these difficult times.

I think most people have now understood the importance of social distancing and staying at home and a lot of you have hopefully already been staying in for a couple of weeks. If you have already watched every possible Netflix show and finished reading that one book you’ve always wanted to read, here are a few propositions of what to do when the, unfortunately inevitable, boredom hits you.

- Bake something, most people will already have the necessary basic ingredients for most bakes, it is a good way to pass time and you end up with something delicious as a reward. This is also a great possibility to entertain your kids who are probably even more bored than you are. A whole world of baked goods is open to you, from cakes to biscuits all the way to bread, the possibilities are endless. But please if you’re out of eggs don’t run to the shops just to get those, just substitute them with some oil.

- Clean out your computer and by that I don’t mean just wiping it down to get rid of germs (which is important too!) but going through all those unopened folders and disorganised documents you’ve accumulated over the years. This should keep you busy for a while and you’ll be surprised by how many documents you actually no longer need.

- While you’re in the cleaning spirit you could also clean out your wardrobe and other cupboards which you have forgotten about for way too long. You might even find some clothes you no longer need and want to give to charity once things start going back to normal.

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- Do some arts and crafts with your children, you can stick to the normal picture drawing or have a look on the internet for some inspiration. If you have any packaging paper rolls, you could for instance create life size paintings of you and your kids, where someone lies down on the paper and someone else draws their silhouette. The opportunities here are almost endless.

- If you are lucky enough to have a garden, now is the time to work in it. Profit from the good weather and do some gardening. This is a good way to get some fresh air and also a good activity to do together with your kids.

- Do a home workout, it is very tempting to stay on the sofa all day but it is important to keep moving. Thankfully YouTube is full of videos that lead you through your chosen workout. There is something for everyone and every fitness level, you don’t necessarily need equipment nor much space, maybe you can even try something new such as yoga. Moreover, a lot of studios or individuals offer live classes on either Instagram or YouTube, which might be worth having a look at.

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- Start writing, maybe you’ve never found the time or just never had the urge to but writing, whether it is journaling or writing fiction, is a good way of getting your mind off things at it is worth giving it a try. And if you think it's any good - send it in! RTL Today are open for submissions.

- Organise group video calls, now it is more important than ever to keep in touch with friends and family, so organise that call and have a good time. You can go beyond the ordinary chat and for example eat together or have a drink or two, like you normally would while seeing each other in person.

- Get the boardgames out, these days games are often neglected in the face of technology but now is a good time to rediscover them. The games can be shared with the whole family but please don’t start huge fights while playing Monopoly because you can’t really get away from each other now. If you are living on your own, phone games can often be played with friends without having to be in the same place!

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- Visit a museum virtually, a number of museums are now offering free virtual tours while they are having to close. This website lists a number of them.  

- Get lost in the endless world of podcasts, personally I did not really enjoy listening to podcasts until I found the one that was right for me. Seeing as there are so many out there, from true crime, to informative and just people having a chat, I’m sure there is one for you too. You can also listen to them while doing some of the previously mentioned things and perhaps even learn some new information.

- Dig up some old photo albums, I’m sure you’ve still got some of these lying around from the pre-smartphone era and if we’re honest everyone likes to laugh at old baby pictures.

- If you are really ambitious you could start learning something new, such as a language. There are plenty of apps and online courses you can take and this will also keep you fit mentally. Mabye you can also take something up you used to be able to do such as knitting or you might have an old instrument lying around.

I hope these tips are helpful and can mix up your life while being stuck at home, and please don’t forget that there is nothing wrong with just lying around and doing nothing from time to time, these are exceptional times and you don’t need to be productive all the time.

Stay safe, stay home!