Entertaining your kids through the dark and rainy winter days can be hard, especially when they are small bundles of energy who cannot be satisfied by a simple trip to the cinema or museum... but we've got you covered, literally!

Unfortunately, the winter weather does not always allow outdoor activities, or at least not as long as in summer because at one point you just start freezing. Luckily the Grand Duchy is the home of several indoor playgrounds in which the children can release their energy and play as much as they want without getting cold.

In no particular order, here are a few.. and if you have any additional recommendations, let us know in the comments!


Located in Howald, this indoor playground offers your kids a jungle/pirate themed world to explore. The playground is open to children from the age of 3 and offers a special area for smaller children. The ground is filled with slides, ball pits and numerous other installations that can be explored and climbed on. The highlight of the playground is a slide with a 9 meter drop, from personal experience I can confirm that the slide is quite daunting but fun once you’ve gathered the courage to go down, and the children love it! However, because it is so steep and picks up speed it is best is smaller children are accompanied by an adult or don’t go on it at all.

The playground is open every day, with especially long opening hours on Fridays and Saturdays, when it closes at 11 pm. Children aged 2-4 pay €7.50 and children older than 5, €12.50. Accompanying adults can enter for free. Apart from the playground YOYO also has a restaurant which offers a variety of dishes.

Yoyo's website.


This indoor playground in Bertrange offers a 900 m2 soft play area and is more suited for children under the age of 10. They offer a special area for under 3-year-olds in which they can safely explore their abilities while socialising with other children their age and without being disturbed by older children.

Older children can explore 3 levels of obstacle courses, slides and more. With so much to offer you can be sure that they will be tired once you take them home. ZIGZAG has a small café for parents where they serve drinks and small snacks, the play area is visible from the café, so parents don’t have to worry. Moreover, ZIGZAG offers themed workshops for carnival, Easter and the like during which children will be entertained for an entire day. This playground is also open Tuesday - Sunday, children under 3 pay €5.90 and children over 4 €11.90 for unlimited access to the area.

Zigzag's website.



Fun City in Petange is not only a soft play area but also has bowling allies and billiard tables, the latter might be especially interesting for parents who want to have some fun themselves. This is the place to go if you are looking for entertainment for the whole family. With a special area for under 4-year-olds and an electro kart course, the playground really caters for children of all ages. It is open Tuesday - Sunday and prices vary from €6.50 to €11.50 depending on the time of day and this grants you unlimited access to the play area. Similar to the previous playgrounds this one also has a restaurant attached to it, which serves a variety of dishes, catering for all tastes.

Fun city's website.


This is not exactly an indoor playground like the others but it still offers great indoor fun. Located in Contern, Jumpbox does not only offer trampolines but also a tumble lane, dodgeball course, ninja-parkour and airbag on a large surface of 800 m2. Whether your children want to practice their gymnastics or trampolining skills, or whether they just want to have some fun bouncing around, this is the place to go. But this park is not only for children as adult can enjoy jumping around just as much as their little ones.

They care a lot about safety, everyone has to participate in a warm-up and watch a safety video before being allowed to enter the jumping area. Qualified staff makes sure that no one gets hurt and enforces the park’s rules. The park works with one hour sessions and it is easier if you book online in advance, there you can also fill out the waiver and won’t have to queue at the park. Prices for one hour are €12.50 for children aged 4 - 9 and €14.50 for everyone older than 10, moreover everyone has to wear non-slip socks which can be bought for €3 and the park is open Tuesday to Sunday. This park also has a café serving drinks and snacks for waiting parents.

Jumpbox trampoline park's website.

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Similar to Jumpbox this park in Foetz offers trampolines to jump around but also a ninja obstacle course, aeroball, foam pits and an interactive climbing wall, promising great fun for children and adults alike. For safety reason children under 5 are only allowed on the trampolines on Saturday and Sunday mornings and everyone else has to attend a safety induction before starting to jump. Similar to the previous park, a waiver has to be filled out online. The park is open Tuesday to Sunday with a late opening until 10 Pm on Saturdays. Prices for an hour of jumping are €11 for children under 10 and €14 for everyone older than that, again non-slip socks need to be purchased at a cost of €3. Drinks and snacks can be bought in the attached café.

Ozone trampoline & ninja park's website.


This is only a selection of available indoor playgrounds in Luxembourg, they might not be able to replace a fun day in nature but are a great alternative from time to time if you want to do something different and mix things up a bit.  Moreover, all of the mentioned playgrounds can be booked for birthday parties or other special events.

Have further recommendations? Let us know below!