At a loss of what to do for Valentine's Day in Luxembourg? Never fear because RTL Today is here to help your romance, whether you're in a committed relationship or single as a Pringle (expression purely for the sake of the rhyme, who only eats one Pringle?).

"Valentine's Day is a corporate sham! A so-called holiday invented by greeting card manufacturers!" I hear you cry? Why, you may have a point and this author might be entirely indifferent to the idea of Valentine's Day, but for those of use who do love celebrating romance, we've put together a bit of a guide for those seeking a bit of inspo for 14 February.

Whether you're in a happy/decades-long/new and exciting/loveless relationship or a singleton and beginning to feel the throes of cuffing season*, we will have an option for you. And finally, if you hate Valentine's Day with a passion and want to wallow (or just not even think of the day at all, which is also an option), we've thought of some options there as well.

*Cuffing season usually refers to the period between October and March, when people tend to feel the urge to couple up. Usually brought on by the cold weather, the connected loneliness of the winter months, and of course, seeing couples looking all cute. The latter inevitably causes a strong surge of FOMO (fear of missing out).

Couples - dinner dates

Romantic walks

Unfortunately, Luxembourg does not have much to offer in terms of romantic walks on beaches. You could go walk along the beaches of the Upper Sure reservoir, but it's not quite the same. Visit Luxembourg has fortunately  thought of key places to go for a walk, having an entire page dedicated to the topic.

The first stop for a romantic walk is obviously the Corniche, otherwise known as "the most beautiful balcony of Europe", which you and your partner could follow with a walk through the parks of Luxembourg City. Not too strenuous or brisk!

© Dennis Jarvis

Other walks recommend by Visit Luxembourg include a visit to Vianden and its medieval castle or the town of Esch-sur-Sûre. If you and your partner do happen to like muddier walks, you could just walk through any given forest near where you live. And for those who might prefer relaxation rather than exercise, the thermal baths in Mondorf-les-Bains are also ideal for a couple's day. Worth noting: you may have to delay these activities for your day off, as they may not be quite as fun on Thursday evening.


Whilst a classic Valentine's stereotype, who doesn't like an opportunity to indulge themselves and go for a fancy meal out? Obviously, this depends entirely on your tastes, but we can recommend a few romantic places.

The Onesto pizzeria in Luxembourg City is a delight and cosy enough for a romantic dinner. You may think that you should go all Lady and the Tramp and order pasta, but just go for pizza. It's worth it.

If you're more of the opinion that love is the spice of life (and also quite comfortable with eating garlic on a date), then why not try Khanakhazana's set Valentine's Day menu? The Bettembourg-based Indian, Nepali, and Himalayan restaurant will definitely offer good food with a number of courses, all accompanied by a glass of Kir Royal.


Another romantic option set for the evening is, of course, the cinema. Kinepolis is showing a number of films from 12 to 14 February (so you could take your Galentine too, although you will be surrounded by couples if that's what you're hoping to avoid). Amongst the films on offer are The Shape of WaterFifty Shades of GreyThe Disaster Artist, and Phantom Thread. If you do go for the so-called 'love package', this includes a small box of hazelnut chocolates shaped like hearts, toffee popcorn, and two mini bottles of Poll Fabaire.

Alternatively Cine Utopia is showing Notting Hill if that's more your style.


If you aren't all coupled up, you may be looking for alternative options for Valentine's Day. Granted, you could go to the cinema with a friend and take advantage of the opportunity to have toffee popcorn, but we do have some other alternatives in mind too.

If you're adventurous about meeting new people, you could be one of RTL's twenty singletons for their 'single bus' adventure, which will take you to a different restaurant for each course. Adventurous in terms of food and people, what's not to love?!

For those of us that don't make the single bus cut, you can also try Hitch's 'Anti Valentine Speed Dating' party, which promises no flowers, no lovey-dovey established couples, and no sharing food.

© Hitch

An alternative similar to Hitch's party is another single's party, V for Vodka, at Jakob's House in Clausen.

Not such a fan of meeting strangers without vetting them first? Then try some dating apps, for which we also have some handy tips.

Eating your feelings

All alone and feeling like eating your feelings? We've all been there. You could of course go to Namur or Oberweis and treat yourself to some chocolate. Alternatively, buy a pack of Laduree macarons and eat them all whilst angrily watching TV.

However, here at RTL Today, we do have an alternate suggestion. If you happen to be UK-based for the most consumerist day of the year, then run into a Marks and Spencer and treat yourself to the aptly sausage.

© Marks and Spencer

This almost doesn't need words, but if you don't have an M&S near you (as most of us don't), you could of course try making your own love sausage at home.