Our class teacher Markus is not only a great teacher but he also plays a lot of volleyball! We, the English classes 4 and 5 of a small international school in Luxembourg have asked him a couple of questions because he has a very important game on Thursday - and you can watch it if you like! For more information, scroll to the end.

His team is called Chev Diekirch and on Thursday they are playing against a team from Switzerland, Lindaren Volley Luzern. The winner of the match on Thursday will have a chance to get into one of the best leagues of volleyball in the world!

Here are some of the questions that we have asked him:

What do you prefer more, volleyball or teaching?

I prefer to teach more than to play volleyball because I love to work with kids and I am very passionate about helping each student grow, especially working here at OTR is terrific because the community is very close.

How do you juggle your time playing volleyball and teaching?

With lots of time management! I plan months ahead, which gives me enough time to make changes, adapt and differentiate lessons with students. I really enjoy relating volleyball and sports to many crucial life lessons in my classroom.

For how many years have you played volleyball?

Fifteen years. 

Why did you start  playing volleyball in Luxembourg?  

I started playing in Luxembourg only because I was able to be a teacher first. In many other leagues you don’t have the availability to do two careers you love.

Is it hard being a teacher?

Yes, teaching like most professions comes with challenges -  Luckily due to my experience, and the great staff at the school, every challenge is faced with positivity.

Does volleyball teach any lessons?

Volleyball, like all sports can teach a vast amount of lessons. It can teach you how to communicate, work together, listen, become a leader, develop work ethic, and understand the importance of both winning and losing. These lessons directly relate to a classroom setting and one’s life.

Have you ever had a serious injury?

I had one serious injury at university. I had a herniated disk, which caused my left leg to be numb - it sidelined me for the entire season. It was very frustrating but also helped me to find other passions and made me work extremely hard the next year.

What are your weaknesses in volleyball?

I am a player who likes to use his power more often than technique, which can be a big weakness if I keep hitting the ball out of the court.

How many games do you play in a year?

We play sixteen games in a year.

What do you think is the best way to inspire your students with volleyball/teaching?

I believe that setting an example (showing that you can have many careers), providing a learning atmosphere for every students diverse attributes and being positive in every situation is beneficial to inspiring students and for them to achieve their potential in life.

Do you ever not want to go to practice or a game?

There is never a moment when I do not want to go to practice because I love playing the sport of volleyball so much.

Are you excited for the upcoming game? Do you think you are going to win?

I am very excited for the upcoming game. We had a really close battle when we travelled to Switzerland and played them earlier in the month.  I think as a team we are very capable and confident we can win and move on to the next leg of the competition.

If you would like to watch the game on Thursday, here is some information for you. It starts at 7 PM at hall sportif Diekirch and you can get tickets at the door for eight euros.