Luxembourgish football club F91 Diddeleng has - spectacularly - managed to qualify for the group stages of the Europa League again.

Hence, F91 Diddeleng is selling tickets for home games against Nikosia, Qarabag and Sevilla at the Stade Joy Barthel. These will be sold as subscription tickets (valid for all Europa League home games).

  • Covered stand (blocks E and K): 150 EUR 

  • Front stand (blocks A and N): 100 EUR 

  • Side stand (blocks B, D and L): 100 EUR 

  • Kop: (block M): 75 EUR 

Tickets for single matches are not for presale, although, depending on how many subscription tickets are sold, there could be tickets for sale at the venue on the respective days of the matches.

The subscription tickets will be sold at the F91 office (23 place de l’Hôtel de Ville ; L-3950 Dudelange). The club has decided to organise two days when people can buy the tickets available for presale.

Between 4 and 7:30 PM on Friday, 13 September, tickets will be available for people with a Golden Card, subscription or membership card. For everyone else, the tickets will be for sale on Saturday, 14 September between 9AM and 12 noon.

For any other reservations, you need to fill in a form on F91’s website, which will be accessible from 15 September onwards. The club emphasizes that the sale of tickets is exclusive to them, so there is no way of getting them via third party.

The home games are as follows:

  • F91 Diddeleng – Qarabag FK, 3 October 2019 at 9PM at Stade Josy Barthel 

  • F91 Diddeleng – Sevilla F.C., 7 November 2019 at 6:55PM at Stade Josy Barthel 

  • F91 Diddeleng – APOEL F.C., 28 November 2019 at 9PM at Stade Josy Barthel 

For the away games, F91 has clarified that there will be organised trips for Sevilla (24 October 2019) and Qarabag (12 December 2019). Further information is to be released over the coming days.