In the face of failure, the Dudelange team turned the tables on Ararat, winning after a tense spot kick showdown and thus qualifying for the Europa League for a second year in a row.

What a match!

After a first half that saw Joubert save a penalty kick in the 20th minute but saw Mailson Lima score only a few minutes later (24th), the Dudelange squad put on a great performance.

Joubert's stop
Mailson's strike

Having barely set foot back on the pitch at the second half whistle, Dudelange proved their worth as Stolz and Sinani lead an attack that surpassed Ararat's defence, landing them an attempt from the penalty spot. And when it came down to it, Sinani did not waver, sending the ball straight into the back of the net with a left footed strike (1-1, 48th).

Sinani's 1st goal

Show of strength

From then on, Dudelange's confidence grew as they dominated the pitch, leaving the messy first half behind.

Stolz and Sinani again combined to identify another weak point: Sinani drove the ball up to the edge of the box before passing to Stolz. The Luxembourg striker placed the ball into the net; Abakumov could do nothing (2-1, 71st).

Sinani's 2nd goal

Plenty more opportunities presented themselves to the Dudelange team, unfortunately did not manage to convert these chances to goals, with Sinani narrowly missing the Armenian goal at the death.

It went to extra time and nails were well and truly bitten, F91 finally won 5-4 and the rest is and will be history.

Penalty shoot out

A second stab at success

This is the second time Dudelange has qualified for the Europa League, thus turning a new page in the history of Luxembourgish football.

Dudelange's F91 opponents will be revealed in the draw scheduled for Friday at 1pm in Monaco.

The ceremony can be followed live.