Luxembourgish cyclist wins 1000km race in Graz, Austria.

Ralph Diseviscourt started the Glocknerman 2019 race at noon on Thursday and finished first at 10.17pm on Friday evening.

Glocknerman is one of the oldest ultracycling races in the world, and it is also the ultramarathon world championship.

The race covers a challenging 1000km from Graz to Großglockner and back. The weather conditions of this year’s edition made it even more challenging.

Race summary

De Ralph Diseviscourt a seng Ekipp beim Glocknerman 2019. / © Ralph "Dizzy" Diseviscourt / Facebook

Ralph Diseviscourt was in second place after 200km. During the night from Thursday to Friday managed a first place and remained consistent in his rhythm thereafter.

The last, most difficult part came after 850km – the ‘Soboth’ with its 15% incline.

50km before the arrival, Diseviscourt had an advance of 54 km to Philipp Kaider, who came in second place.