Rhythmic gymnasts got the chance to showcase their talent on 15 and 16 June, in the individual and/or team competitions.

Luxembourg's National rhythmic gymnastics championship is still undergoing development.

Not all age categories could be represented in the team competition, due to a lack of candidates, particularly in the seniors category. This is probably due to the fact that rhythmic gymnastics is still a fairly new discipline in Luxembourg and is hence still developing. Despite this, there are very promising results for individuals.

The team competition is challenging: not only does every individual's technique have to be flawless, but they also need to respect the group choreography. Balls, hoops, ribbons and pins are moving about, so accuracy is of the utmost importance.

All of the competitors in the team category were under 14 year old, as that is where the senior category begins in gymnastics.

Championnat an der rhythmescher Gymnastik
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