Ultra runny Claude Stiefer gave himself the goal of running around Luxembourg in 72 hours, raising money in the process.

Stiefer did indeed achieve this goal, taking 72 hours to run 350 kilometres.

Working together with the "Gemeng Conter hëlleft" ('the municipality of Contern is helping') association, Stiefer raised money for Ile aux Clowns, a charity which organises clown visits for those suffering from severe illnesses, and Les Amis du Gambie, a charity providing humanitarian aid to children in the Gambia.

Stiefer's run began on Wednesday at 4pm at the "Um Ewent" sports hall in Contern. His first destination was Remich, where he then proceeded to run the length of the Grand Duchy's borders. Stiefer set his arrival time at between 6 and 8pm on 8 June, returning to Contern.

This marked the first time that Stiefer had given himself such a challenge and, on top of that, set his own route. Running ultramarathons of more than 42 kilometres remains one of Stiefer's passions and he explained he has had the idea of running around Luxembourg for some time now.

The challenge did of course require a lot of preparation, namely in the form of training runs. But now Stiefer has achieved this goal. An RTL team accompanied Stiefer on a part of his run. The footage will air on Tuesday evening.