For the 14th edition, Rugby Club Walferdange invites you to its festive Beach Rugby Tournament on June 1-2.

Over 120 seniors and 150 juniors are expected to participate in the tournament at the Prince Henri Stadium in Walferdange on the (hopefully) sunny weekend.

Beach rugby is a light and festive type of rugby, seeing both men and women compete barefoot during short intense games of 7 minutes. Over the past decade the event has become a real tradition for the organising club.

Teams from Luxembourg, France, Germany and Belgium will compete for the trophy of the best player and most fairly played team. The four official rugby clubs of Luxembourg (Walferdange, RCL, CSCE and Terres Rouges) will of course also be competing.

Saturday, from 9am-7pm, the seniors will be competing in group stages. Sunday, from 10am-4pm, will see the juniors showing off their skills.

The sports event has a friendly and fun atmosphere, attracting over 500 spectactors in 2017. There will be merchandising stalls, plenty of catering and refreshments, association stands, and activities planned for children.