Luxembourg does well at the German Open.

At the German Open in Essen, Raphael Stacchiotti succeeded in scoring a gold medal in the 200 m individual medley race with a finish time of 2:04.50.

Bob Sauer managed to get into the final of the 200 m crawl at the young age of 17. He finished in 5th place with a finish time of 1:59.56.

In the final for the female juniors, Lou Jaminet managed to set a new personal best time of 2:09.17 in the 200 m crawl. Similarly, in the 800 m crawl, the young swimmer managed to improve her personal best time to 9:14.23.


Among the men, Jacques Schmitz achieved a new personal best of 8:34.81 in the 800 m crawl.

Finally, Yann Van den Bossche came in 7th place in the 50 m breaststroke race with a finish time of 30.23 seconds.