For two years now, sports clubs have been able to apply for government funding: the so-called basic subsidy ("subside de base") and quality + subsidy ("Subside-Qualité+").

The second subsidy has a number of requirements, namely higher standards for coaches of people under the age of 16.

In a parliamentary question, ADR MP Roy Reding highlighted the high administrative efforts required as well as the importance of volunteers. Given this, he requested further details from Minister of Sport Dan Kersch, asking what type of administrative work is required and how many sports federations have requested subsidies.

The Minister responded by stating that it was evident that sports federations had to go through a complex administrative process in applying for subsidies. In order to protect sensitive data, requests can only be made via the electronic and secured "MyGuichet" platform. Last year, the majority of clubs had managed those steps quite well.

Kersch's answer outlined that last year, clubs belonging to 27 different federations had requested 327 subsidies. Through these subsidies, some €3.4 million were invested into the youth work of these clubs.

The "Subside Qualité +" was a collaborative effort together with a number of sport institutions, and, in particular, the Luxembourgish Olympic and Sporting Committee.

The minister further highlighted that the quality of training provided to young people is a priority, as reflected in the minimum qualification level required for coaches. At least 50% of coaches need to have at least obtained a C certificate for coaches. The remaining 50% must have completed  other training or have some ten years experience.

If a coach without the appropriate qualifications is listed on the subsidy application, the conditions for "Subside Qualité +" are not met and the application is rejected..

Non-certified coaches may be able to apply for a validation of their experience. Athletes who were active for ten  years could do an eight-hour course at the national sports school (ENEPS).  Kersch confirmed that teaching and educational staff could also benefit from advantageous conditions.

The school is also in charge of approving  foreign certificates and diplomas. 

The Ministry of Sport is currently evaluating its e experiences from the last two years to determine the achievements of these subsidies. The ministry would then adapt the regulations to reflect changes in the coach training reform and the simplification of administrative measures based on these findings.