Traditionally male-dominated sports are diversifying! Rugby Club Luxembourg have recently brought to life a ladies rugby team. Keen on trying something new and joining their ranks?

Rugby Club Luxembourg hope that the initiative will draw more women into the traditionally male-dominated sport.

Training sessions take place on Monday nights from 7.30-10.00pm in Cessange's Boy Konen stadium. Coachs Scott Browne, Izak Saayman and James Kent have all played at high level and bring a lot of experience to the table.

For the time being, the training sessions are still no-contact, so no need to worry about getting bruised. Some of the players are completely new to the sport and prior experience is not required, a representative of the club told us. "At the moment, we try to get the girls to learn the basics by playing loads of games - they are loving it," she added.

All women and girls over 14 are welcome to join. Want more information? Get in touch by emailing