Esch-sur-Alzette's football club Fola defeated Mondorf-les-Bains, Strassen beat Hamm Benfica, and Ettelbruck v Niederkorn ended in a draw.

Fola's victory over Mondorf-les-Bains makes them the new table leader, beating Jeunesse Esch after their draw against Rumelange.

Differdange 03 - F91 Dudelange 0:4

F91 Dudelange wasted no time establishing their dominance on the pitch and scored two goals during the first half of the game.

Only 8 minutes after the half-time, Cruz managed to score another goal, increasing Dudelange's goal count to 3:0. Differdange kept a low profile throughout the game and let Dudelange take the lead. Another goal was scored in the 81st minute, making the score board read 4:0 for F91 Dudelange at the end of 90 minutes.

Diddeleng léisst Déifferdeng keng Chance
An engem eesäitege Match hat Déifferden näischt entgéint ze setzen a gëtt mat 0:4 iwwerrannt
VIDEO: Differdange - Dudelange
Diddeleng wënnt de Match mat 0:4

Fola Esch - US Mondorf 5:0

The team from Mondorf-les-Bains was motivated at the beginning of the game, but soon lost traction and could not keep up with the club from Esch-sur-Alzette. The first goal for Fola fell in the 37th minute, followed by the 2:0 only four minutes later.

After the break, Fola came back strong and extended their lead to 3:0. Minutes later, and things were looking increasingly bleak for Mondorf-les-Bains When Hadji scored his hundredth goal to mark 4:0.

The 5:0 goal fell in the 78th minute. With their strong performance, Fola positioned themselves at the top of the leader board.


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Etzella Ettelbruck - Progrés Niederkorn 1:1


© Raoul Michels

Hamm Benfica - Strassen 1:3


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Rospert - Racing Luxembourg 1:1


© Eugene Thommes

Hostert - Pétange 0:3


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