The president of the European Athletics Association, Svein Arno Hansen, was present at the 'indoor meeting' at the Coque national sports centre on Saturday and met with the minister of sports, Dan Kersch.

The Norwegian hopes that the European Championships will be hosted by Luxembourg in the next few years. The large-scale event would be an excellent promotion opportunity for Luxembourgish athletes as well as European ones. He explained that he hopes the federation will prepare an application and work closely with politicians to make this opportunity happen.

Hansen also met with the secretary general of the Luxembourgish Federation of Athletics (FLA), Mathis Mellina. Mellina stated the discussions were positive and that Luxembourg has an excellent location to host the championships.

He also spoke with Kersch, who believes it would be a fantastic opportunity and is keen to support the federation in this endeavour. Luxembourg could host the championships as early as 2024.