It will be a great opportunity to enjoy drinks and meet the members, the coaches, and the board.

The president of the Rugby Club is very optimistic for the new year and thanks everyone for their tremendous commitment, passion and enthusiasm they have given the organisation. Get onboard on 24 January 2019 at 7.30pm.

Nonetheless, the club is constantly looking for new members and helping hands in the leadership for the promotion of their mentality.

As it is only mid-season, there has been a mixture of results with the first team that is facing the challenges of playing professional teams from the first Bundesliga, states the president. Overall however, the results are promising.

Despite the fact that the U18 team has gone down the second division in Belgium, the president remains optimistic and hopes that they will be able to make it back up. Moreover, the younger U14 and U16 teams continue their steady progress.