Following a short break over Christmas and New Year's, the men's and women's national basketball championships have resumed.

A number of basketball matches took place on Saturday, marking the 15th day of the Total League.

The highlights are that the men's Basket Esch team inched closer towards the top of the leaderboard with an 81:73 victory against Moselle Pikes. As expected, T71 Dudelange won against the Kordall Steelers with a score of 106:75.

As for the women's teams, Etzella Ettelbruck achieved a crucial victory against Wiltz, Gréngewald Hostert narrowly lost against the leaders' T71 Dudelange, and Moselle Pikes beat Esch.

Men's basketball

Residence Walferdange - Sparta Bertrange 87:97

Bertrange gained an advantage over Walferdange not long into the game and had the upper hand with 59:46 by the half-time break. Sparta continued with this success, despite Walferdange's attempts to close up the gap.

© Philippe Calmes

Amicale Steesel - Racing Luxembourg 94:62

Steinsel also managed to work its way ahead in the first quarter with 5 points, which then rose to 12 points in the second quarter. Well into the second half of the match, Steinsel was continuing to race ahead and Racing was unable to catch up. The match was certainly tense for the spectators, as Racing was unable to threaten Amicale at all during the match.

© Maya a Robert Straus

Basket Esch - Moselle Pikes 81:73

Basket Esch is continuing to rise up and threaten Etzella Ettelbruck's hegemony at the top of the leaderboards. On Saturday, the Esch team narrowly caught an 81:73 victory against Moselle Pikes.

The below video shows the entire match.

VIDEO: Basketball - de ganze Match

Kordall Steelers - T71 Dudelange 75:106

The match against the Steelers was a breeze for T71 Dudelange, who dominated from the beginning of the match.

Women's basketball

Amicale Steinsel - AB Contern 76:59

Steinsel managed to gain the advantage in the first quarter, as Contern continued to struggle to catch up. After the break, Contern managed to stay level with Amicale, but the Steinsel team remained in charge until the end.

Residence Walferdange - Sparta Bertrange 91:73

In the first quarter, Sparta was able to score 29 points against Walferdange's 21. Sparta's strong start meant that they lost steam a bit in the second quarter. This continued after the break, and Walferdange gained the momentum.

© Philippe Calmes

Wiltz - Etzella Ettelbruck 62:79

Etzella managed to gain a crucial victory on Saturday, winning a spot in the championship playoffs.

Basket Esch - Moselle Pikes 58:71

The match was exciting from the very beginning, with the scoreboard at 15:9 after ten minutes in Moselle Pikes' advantage. The team continued with their momentum, although Basket Esch did catch up in the third quarter. The final quarter began on equal standing at 49:49, but the Pikes managed to win overall.

© Maya & Robert Straus

Gréngewald Hostert - T71 Dudelange 59:66

Gréngewald faced the leaders, T71 Dudelange, on Saturday, managing to keep Dudelange on their toes until the end, despite Dudelange finally winning.