The last two quarter final matches in the men's basketball cup took place on Thursay.

Soleuvre played Amicale Steinsel as US Heffingen faced Telstar Hesperange.

Basket Soleuvre - Amicale Steinsel 78-86

Soleuvre greeted their Steinsel opponents on their home turf and began the match ten points ahead of the Steinsel team. Steinsel struggled to defend their title and won with a narrow eight point lead at 78-86.

© Ant Deister

Telstar Hesperange - US Heffingen 74-82

© Maya a Robert Straus

The final quarter-final match took place between the two 'Nationale 2' teams.

Heffingen had managed to qualify for the round in a surprise 103-102 victory against T71 Dudelange.

Heffingen saw off the challenge to stay ahead in the fight against the team from the same league, winning 82-74.