The Red Boys handball team are back in town after a power outage delayed their Saturday match and the team had to spend Sunday night in a Moscow airport.

The first problem was the power outage. That caused the game to be delayed by 90 minutes.

When the game finally got under way, it ended up as a close loss against Dynamo Victor, the team beating the Differdange Red Boys by 31-26 on Saturday. The Russian team comes from Stavropol, a Russian city about 1,300 km from Moscow.

© Marc Gatti

Originally, the Red Boys were scheduled to make their return flight on Sunday evening. However, in the second problem in a trip plagued by complications, they were forced to spend the night at the Moscow Airport.

The Luxembourgish team were already on-board the plane when they were told to disembark. It is not confirmed, though highly probable, that the delay was a result of the tragic plane accident in Moscow, which took place on Sunday, killing all 71 passengers on board.

The Red Boys left the Russian capital on Monday morning and have safely landed. The deciding return match will be held on 17 February in Differdange.