The French Alps was the site for the 1st ever Winter Olympic games.

Chamonix, to be more precise, in 1924. Unsurprisingly to most, Canada and USA would claim gold and silver respectively in those games and would go on to become dominant forces on the ice for years to come.

This weekend, the journey to the 2022 games in Beijing, China will begin in Luxembourg and Sanya, China with the 1st preliminary qualification rounds.

This weekend focus will be on Group N as, for the 1st time since Luxembourg joined the International Ice Hockey Federation (IIHF) in 1912, Luxembourg will not only compete but host Pre-Olympic qualification.

Lead by a new captain, Colm Cannon, Luxembourg will be hoping to improve on recent results. Cannon is convinced the team can do just that and is looking forward to the tournament saying, “As a hockey player, for me this is a dream come be able to play for my country in an attempt to make it to the Olympics. I don't believe that in sport there is a higher honour”

Head coach Petr Fical and coach John Bierchen, remain in their roles and have been training the Lions on a weekly basis since the season began.

From Friday 8 November until Sunday 1 November, Patinoire de Kockelscheuer will play host to six match ups between the hosts Luxembourg (LUX), United Arab Emirates (UAE), Bosnia & Herzegovina (BIH) and Kyrgyzstan (KGZ).

The prize for the winner this weekend is a 2nd round trip to Barcelona, Spain on December 13-15 to face Mexico, Spain and the 28th World ranked Netherlands. But first, round 1 must be won.

It will not be easy.

The schedule for this weekend is as follows:

Friday 8th November 2019

15:45 United Arab Emirates vs Kyrgyzstan
19:15 Bosnia & Herzegovina vs Luxembourg

Saturday 9th November 2019

15:45 United Arab Emirates vs Bosnia & Herzegovina
19:15 Luxembourg vs Kyrgyzstan

Sunday 10th November 2019

15:45 Kyrgyzstan vs Bosnia & Herzegovina
19:15 Luxembourg vs United Arab Emirates