The Today Radio News team brings you the latest news headlines for Tuesday, 19 September.


POLITICIAN RESIGNS - An ADR politician has quit the party after her links with the far-right Civitas movement were revealed. Anne-Marie Yim, the vice president of ADR International, told deputy Fernand Kartheiser she would resign her membership of the party. The resignation follows extensive revelations of links between the ADR and France's controversial Civitas party, which have highlighted the blurred lines between pandemic skepticism and far-right ideologies.

INVASIVE SPECIES - In a recent report, the United Nations has warned against invasive animal species. Luxembourg is among those countries affected as the Egyptian goose has become invasive. Currently, there are over 50 breeding pairs of Egyptian geese. Most of them are found around the lake in Echternach, by the Moselle and the Sauer rivers and also between Diekirch and Ingeldorf. The birds are originally from North Africa and can become problematic in a few ways. Their excrement can decrease the quality of the water and they are also attacking domestic birds.

ALLERGY STUDY - A new study from the Institute of Health shows that almost half of the adult population in Luxembourg have some type of allergy. The most common allergies are from grass and tree pollen.The study collected data from over 1,400 people and researchers are say that their findings show an allergy epidemic. In Luxembourg, allergies cost our healthcare system over 60 million euros per year.

A31 CLOSURES - The French A31 motorway is currently closed for all traffic heading towards Metz and Luxembourg at night for three nights, from 9.30pm until 5am. From mid-September until the end of October, renovation work on the A31 will take place in eight different stages. Every time a part of the A31 motorway will be closed overnight, for three nights in a row. The current night closure lasts until Wednesday 20 September.  Detours are in place.

CYCLE RACE - The Tour de Luxembourg is taking place from Wednesday 20 September to Sunday 24 September and police have issued safety instructions ahead of the cycling race. The start of the race will be in Luxembourg City and the finish will be in Mersch. There will be some road closures and possible traffic disruption. The front of the race will be signalled by a car with a red flag. Once this car has passed you, the road will be closed for traffic until a car with a green flag passes by. Should you find yourself driving next to the race, please park your car on the side of the road, or wait for police instructions.


UNGA - Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky will take centre-stage today as world leaders gather for the UN General Assembly. Speaking at the annual gathering on the same day as President Biden, Zelensky is expected to use his speech at the famous rostrum to seek condemnation of Russia for its ongoing invasion. But he is also set to meet leaders with differing views including Brazil's President Lula, Turkish President Erdogan and Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu – who have all maintained relations with Russia.

PRISONER SWAP - The United States and Iran have swapped five prisoners each in one of the first deals in years, as Tehran gained access to $6 billion in frozen funds. The five Americans freed by Iran, including one held for eight years, flew out of Tehran, hours after the unblocked funds were deposited in accounts, managed by Qatar. Some experts believe the deal signifies an easing of tensions between Tehran and Washington.

UKRAINE CONTACT GROUP - The so-called Ukraine contact group is meeting at the American military base Ramstein in Germany today. US Defense Minister Austin has invited his counterparts and military representatives to talk about the war in Ukraine and further military aid for Ukraine. Luxembourg is represented by the Minister of the Armed Forces Francois Bausch.

ROGER WHITTAKER DIES - The folk singer-songwriter Roger Whittaker has died at the age of 87. Famous for his 1969 it song Durham Town and expert whistling, he was particularly famous in Germany where he released 26 albums, including the hit “Albany”.


CHAMPIONS LEAGUE - The Champions league kicks off today and Manchester City will be beginning their defence of the title, as the group stage gets under way. City won the top prize in European club football for the first time in June, beating Inter Milan 1-0 in the final in Istanbul.  Pep Guardiola's men, who have won all five of their Premier League matches this season, face former champions Red Star Belgrade at the Etihad tonight. Other matches today  include AC Milan v Newcastle, Paris St. Germain v. Dortmund and Lazio v. Atletico Madrid.

FOOTBALL - Staying with football, the Spanish football federation has urged 39 striking players to return to the women's national team, ahead of new coach Montse Tome's first squad announcement. Spain won the Women's World Cup in August but the four weeks since have been filled with controversy and turmoil after former president Luis Rubiales forcibly kissed midfielder Jenni Hermoso and controversial coach Jorge Vilda was sacked. Despite the changes, the players say they will not come back until further conditions were met, including reshaping certain departments within the Spanish federation.


It's going to be a blustery day in the Grand Duchy. There will be some sunshine, especially later on, but you might not be feeling too warm with winds reaching highs of 50 km/h throughout the day. Morning temperatures of 10-13°C will rise towards 17-19ºC in the afternoon.

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