In Antwerp, Belgium, eighteen members of a student association have been sentenced to community service and fined following a fatal hazing incident in 2018.

Tragedy struck in Belgium when a hazing ritual organized by the student association "De Reuzegom" took a fatal turn. In December 2018, Sanda Dia, one of the participants, suffered the consequences of excessive alcohol consumption during the hazing. He was made to consume copious amounts of gin without being provided any water, resulting in severe physical distress. According to one of the suspects it was the intention that the boys "drink themselves into a coma".

Despite his deteriorating condition, Sanda Dia was taken to a log cabin in Vorselaar, in the province of Antwerp, where he was expected to endure immersion in icy cold water for several hours. As the situation worsened due to the consumption of additional alcohol and fish oil, a disagreement arose among the students. Some advocated for seeking medical assistance, while others insisted on continuing the hazing. Tragically, Sanda Dia passed away two days later.

Forensic investigations determined that his cause of death was an acute cerebral edema caused by an excessively high concentration of sodium in his blood. The devastating outcome of this hazing ritual has left a lasting impact on all those involved.

Recently, the court of appeal in Antwerp pronounced its judgment on the case. All 18 students implicated in the events have been sentenced to serve between 200 and 300 hours of community service and pay a fine of €400. Failure to complete the assigned community service will result in a 15-day prison sentence. All of the students involved will have a criminal record.