A video from August 2022 showing a truck driver jumping a red light and nearly hitting a pedestrian is circulating on social media.

The video was recorded in Trier Nord and dates back to 19 August.

The pedestrian is about the cross the street when the truck hurtles across the crossing and pavement at high speed, taking down three traffic lights along the way.
Local newspaper Volksfreund contacted police regarding the video, who confirmed the event took place and captured a 73-year-old truck driver making a severe "driving mistake", and therefore pulling sharply to the right.

Police told journalists that both the driver of the truck and the pedestrian were on the scene when the police recorded the accident. The truck driver also paid a visit to the hospital for a check-up. The damage amounted to €30,000.

Officials did forward the video to the prosecutor's office, who then forwarded it to higher judicial levels in Speyer. But according to the prosecutor's office, their investigation revealed that the driver swerved to the right because he saw the cars ahead of him too late. The man said he could not brake in time, before accidentally pressing the gas pedal rather than the brake.

As a conclusion, it is not possible to prove a criminal offense, says the public prosecutor's office. And since no one was injured, one cannot speak of involuntary bodily harm.