Find all of the day's most important Covid-19 updates in our daily roundup.

Starting with Luxembourg

  • The latest figures from the Ministry of Health show that 143 new cases of coronavirus were discovered yesterday.

  • Members of the Horesca sector held renewed protests against coronavirus restrictions in Luxembourg City.

  • Opposition leaders expressed mixed reactions to the government's extension of restrictions. 

And around the world

  • Exactly one year after it thrust the word "lockdown" into the global conversation, Wuhan passes the anniversary on Saturday with a mix of pride at recovering from the coronavirus and caution over a possible relapse.

  • Thousands of Hong Kongers were ordered to stay in their homes on Saturday for the city's first coronavirus lockdown as authorities battle an outbreak in one of its poorest and most densely packed districts.

  • With hospitals in the Mexican capital overwhelmed by soaring coronavirus infections, relatives are queuing for hours to buy oxygen for the growing number of people fighting the virus at home.

  • A warning from AstraZeneca that initial supplies of its Covid vaccinations to Europe will be lower than expected has sparked new concern over the rollout of inoculations, with some countries planning for a sharp drop in deliveries.

  • Pfizer announced Friday that it will provide up to 40 million of its Covid-19 vaccine doses to poorer countries on a non-profit basis, through the globally-pooled Covax facility.

  • The emergence of several, more infectious strains of the novel coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 has worried governments and scientists, who are investigating how and why the virus became more transmissible.

  • Severe allergic reaction to Moderna's Covid-19 vaccine is "rare," US health authorities said Friday, with only 10 cases arising from more than four million first doses.

  • The iconic talk show host Larry King, one of the most recognizable figures on US television as he quizzed everyone who was anyone over a career spanning 60 years, died of Covid on Saturday at the age of 87.