Today's most important COVID-19 news from across the world in one place.

Starting with Luxembourg

  • The government’s time for deliberation is running out as the week draws to a close. New restrictions to fight the coronavirus pandemic may be introduced on Monday.

  • To further reduce the number of coronavirus cases, a joint effort is needed to cut more contacts, say experts from Research Luxembourg.

  • After having to deal with the loss of the annual Schueberfouer, the Showmen's Guild has to face further challenges near the end of the year now that the Christmas market has been called off as well.

  • Police reinforcements were called to the Rue de Bonnevoie as customers refused to leave a bar just before 11:00pm despite the coronavirus-related curfew.

And around the world

  • The novel coronavirus has killed at least 1,381,915 people since the outbreak emerged in China last December.

  • German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas on Sunday lashed out at anti-mask protesters comparing themselves to Nazi victims, accusing them of trivialising the Holocaust and "making a mockery" of the courage shown by resistance fighters.

  • Thousands of mourners paid homage Sunday to Patriarch Irinej, leader of Serbian Orthodox Church (SPC), who died of Covid-19 during the country's record surge in coronavirus cases.

  • All along the edges of a long boulevard in Montreal stretches an unprecedented sight in this city: hundreds of tents that have sprung up in a brand new homeless camp since the end of summer, with many of the people thrown out of their homes because of the pandemic.

  • On Saturday evening police broke up an illegal party in Offagne, in Belgium's Province of Luxembourg, that 70 people attended in a holiday home.